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Yoga Boost

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Here’s a 10 minute Yoga Boost video you can follow right along with me anytime you need a little pick me up:

  • first thing in the morning to help you get going

  • mid-morning or mid-afternoon break

  • anytime you need it

This short but powerful practice has the balance of flowing movements to help lift you up to boost your spirits and grounding, settling poses to help relax the nervous system – leaving you feeling better.    The spinal flexion and twists help expand your torso and open up your ribcage, helping you to breathe more efficiently to feel better.  Breathing is so important to how you feel physically and mentally.  Read more about specific breathing exercises you can do (and why) in this post.  There are also movements to help build strength in the quads, and flexibility in your hamstrings and thighs, helping you feel better while going about your daily walking, sitting, running, and all that you do.

Even a little yoga goes a long way.  Let me know when you tried it and if it helped!

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