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Calm and Strong

With everything going on these days, it's no wonder we are stressed and drained, frustrated, and worried.

A lot of us have been feeling this way lately. So, in just a few weeks, I’m putting together a few people for a unique 6-week Group Coaching Program called Calm and Strong.

I'll be showing you how to create a toolbox to reduce your stress, feel resilient, and make the most of the experiences you're already having to develop more balance, feel lighter, and rediscover your sparkle. That way, when life throws you challenges, you can use those inner strengths to deal with whatever comes your way.

You’ll build muscle, strength, and confidence.

And you’ll learn the skills you need to eat and move better, improve sleep, better manage stress, and build the resilience you need to get the body and health you want—no matter what’s going on around you.

There will be yoga, breathing, strength sessions, and live group discussions for support and community.

Each week has a special theme:

Week 1: Breathe Week 2: Nourish Week 3: Sleep Week 4: Creating Healthy Boundaries Week 5: Finding Balance Week 6: Integration

I have room for 5 more people, so if this sounds like it’s calling your name, send me a message and we’ll have a chat about your goals.

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