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Calming Strategies

Sometimes when we get so stressed, we feel like we can’t breathe, move, or think straight. In those moments when the world feels like it’s crashing down around us, we need some tools and strategies to help calm down quickly. Sometimes it’s our kids who are in full-on stressed-out mode. We want to have ways to help them with their big feelings. Here are a few calming ideas that can be helpful for both kids and adults.

· Do some deep breathing

· Take a brisk walk

· Listen to music

· Look at some of your favorite photos

· Phone a friend – or send a text

· Do yoga

· Take a warm bath or shower – add essential oils or bath salts

· Have a pet? Take some time to hold or pet them

· Name the feelings and give them a voice—"I feel…”

· Take a walk outside in nature – see how many colors and sounds you can see and hear

· Lay down and close your eyes, put an eye pillow over your eyes

· Have your own dance party

· Visualize your favorite place – what do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste?

· Diffuse some calming essential oils

· Journal—write it out

· Make a cup of your favorite tea

· Knit or crochet, or other craft activity

· Read a book or magazine

· Say an affirmation

· Draw, doodle, or color

· Watch an inspiring video

· Give someone a hug

Did you take a quick calming break with one of these? How do you feel?

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