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Who Me?

"That's just not who I am. I'm not a person that eats healthy"

That's something that my client Sylvia admitted to me that she believed deep down when we first started working together.

She went on to tell me, "I didn't believe I was the type of person who would really eat healthy food. I like all the unhealthy things. That's just who I believed myself to be. I didn't think I could change."

I asked her, "How do you feel about this now after our 12 weeks together? Who are you now?"

She said, "I discovered that my body craves healthy food. I look forward to meals and foods that make me feel good. I have more energy, and I'm doing things I didn't think I'd ever do because of that. I have reconnected to my body now, and I'm making the choices that actually feel good in my body."

How many things do you say that to yourself about?

-That's just not who I am.

-I'm broken because I like all the bad foods.

-I'm not someone who likes to exercise.

-I could never do that.

How many experiences do you steal from yourself because you've decided it isn't who you are?

Because it can be challenging to change, we can often go to a place that says, "Nope, it just isn't me".

Changing anything about your life is up to you.

Who you are now can evolve, and there are so many choices available to you. You get to decide.

If your dialog with yourself about your health and shape has turned to "it isn't me", I encourage you to prove yourself wrong.

Just like Sylvia did.

If you'd like some help with this journey, drop me a message. We can have a quick chat about your health and fitness goals and who you'd really like to become.

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