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The Tried Everything Trap

I just had a conversation with a woman who had “tried everything” to lose unwanted pounds and belly fat.

I could barely keep up with all the different things - Keto, intuitive eating, Optavia, Noom, Whole30 … the list went on and on.

She’d had varying degrees of success in terms of weight loss, but the pounds ALWAYS came back on again.

She’d spent years reading diet books, following YouTube channels, and most recently Instagram reels.

She was always drawn to yet another thing to try … another silver bullet.

But deep down inside, she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When you fall into the “tried everything” trap, it’s difficult to climb out because you start to lose motivation.

Or, you get desperate and start clutching at straws, the next new diet du jour. The diet that friends seem to be losing on, but that isn’t healthy.

Or, the really scary thing…

You start putting in less effort and blowing things off because deep down inside you doubt that anything will work for you.

The statistics are shocking. Less than 3% of people who lose weight will keep it off long term.

Unless you do the work from the inside out….

This is exactly how my beautiful clients get extraordinary results. They are done with quick fixes.

And they realize that life is too short and precious to waste another precious year without living their best life in their best body.

If you are done with quick fixes and need help to climb out of the “tried everything” trap, send me a message and book a Discovery Session with me. We’ll have a quick chat to get to the heart of your wellness journey. I can’t wait to hear your story!

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Jeff Gavin
Jeff Gavin
Mar 11, 2022

Love the photo of you! Cute! And what the heck is intuitive eating? Wondering.

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