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Sugar Sugar!

Mark your calendars for September 29, 2020 at 5:00 EST! I am so excited to have my friend Katelyn Barnes join us for a FREE Workshop on How to FINALLY Kick the Sugar Cravings to the curb!

In the 1 hour LIVE Zoom workshop, you will learn: ~3 surprising ways sugar sabotages your body and mind ~8 strategies to get started kicking sugar ~The #1 thing keeping you stuck in the sugar habit.

Katelyn is a Certified Functional Health Coach who is passionate about helping people figure out what their body needs to finally lose weight and feel confident in their body.

I can't wait to join in on this one!! Katelyn is compassionate, thoughtful, fun, and overall a great person to be around. I hope you'll join us!!

RSVP at:

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