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Sleep Better Toolkit for Kids

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received positive feedback about my Sleep Better Toolkit for Kids, so I thought I’d share more about it in case it’s something you may find beneficial. Not only have we struggled this year as adults, but all this stress has undoubtedly affected the kids as well. Providing tools to help kids learn how to manage their stress, prepare for sleep, and establish routines will be so important in the coming year as we all hopefully get back to a more "normal" school year. That is why I created an incredible resource just for parents! The Sleep Better Toolkit for Kids aged 3-9 includes high-quality, accessible resources that will give you what you need right now to help your kids get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night. In this toolkit you get:

  • Tips and tricks for setting your child up for a good night’s sleep

  • Kids yoga videos to help your kids move and get the wiggles out throughout the day

  • Yoga poses SPECIFICALLY designed to help kids relax, unwind, and get their mind and body ready for sleep

  • Kid friendly breathing exercises to help their nervous system wind down

  • Guided relaxation audios for your children to listen to and drift off into a peaceful, restful sleep

  • Easy to print yoga and breathing cards

No yoga experience is necessary! These resources are designed for you to be able to implement right away – whether you or your kids are yoga beginners or experienced yogis. The best part is, as you practice along with them, you might find YOURSELF sleeping better! And they are designed to also help you move toward independence with your kids so they can start to use these tools for themselves.

Get the Sleep Better Toolkit Here:

Do you have questions about the toolkit? Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

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