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It's So Easy?

"If it sounds so simple, why do I need coaching? "

Simple doesn't mean easy. Simple things can be hard.

It's simple to release your emotions about your weight and body. It's not easy to keep doing it when "stuff hits the fan"….

It's simple to think confident thoughts about yourself and your body. It's not easy to stick to your intentional thoughts when your brain decides to offer you "doom and gloom" thoughts.

It’s simple to eat healthy and exercise. It isn't easy. Your brain will want to tell you all the ways it won't work; it isn't working and focus your attention on everything that could go wrong.

A coach helps you execute what isn't easy. Coaching helps you keep it simple when your brain wants to complicate it.

Coaching helps you learn from and recover from failure. A coach helps you refocus on what is working so you can see your progress.

Coaching helps you stay in possibility. A coach calls you out when you fall back into limitation.

A coach calls B.S. on your brain when you stop having your own back. A coach helps you create emotional safety.

Coaching allows you to respond to life events in a productive manner. A coach provides a different perspective so you can choose.

I’ve hired my own coaches over the years to guide and support me. It has changed my life.

Getting coaching is an investment, but it’s actually the cheapest way to get results in your life. Working with a coach eliminates years of trial and error and avoids tons of mistakes.

A coach will tell you what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear. That's the difference between friendship and coaching.

A coach is hired by your dream, so you can THRIVE!

Join me in my 12 Week Mind/Body Blueprint and we will work together to get you to your balanced state. I coach you to keep you on track towards your goals simply. Email me to set up a quick goal setting call:

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