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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year!

In reflecting, I realized that like many other people, these last two years have been some of the hardest of my life.

I used my go-to practices, which I use for any challenge that arises, and I learned some new ones along the way. I've learned that my body always leads me where I need to go, and these tools show me how to listen. I’ve decided that my “word of the year” is Curiosity.

And that’s what my coaching is all about. My program is about loving our bodies. I define this as listening, getting curious, and noticing how it feels to do loving things toward ourselves. This version of love isn’t dependent on what other people want, or think is self-love. This is about what you need to be and feel healthy.

Today, I'm pain-free (even those shoulders which pained me for ages!), sleeping much better, in better shape than ever in my life, and recovered from burn-out. I feel good in my body and am excited for my new 2022 intentions.

As you think about your 2022 health intentions, keep in mind my “notice how you feel” formula to success. If you join me 2022, you’ll learn how to effectively do this for yourself:

1. Compassion instead of shame. Our food and exercise habits often come from our beliefs, behaviors, and self-image. Making this connection in your own life will enable you to identify the root cause of your habits instead of thinking you have some unique, impossible to solve problem.

2. No "Bracing" “Forcing” or “Gearing Up". Both drastic restriction and drastic excess plans like extreme food cutting to extreme exercise send the body into protective mode & fuel anxiety. It also doesn't feel great. Moderation is its own special remedy.

3. Use setbacks as research. Change is layered - not linear. Getting curious and learning how to see setbacks like "falling off track" as invaluable research to become more aware of yourself and your body is essential. This can be hard to do on our own and often requires professional expertise of those who understand layered behavior change.

And if you want to learn to love your body like this, I am here for you. Send me a message. Tell me what’s going on for you.

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Jeff Gavin
Jeff Gavin
01 janv. 2022

The "Curious Bird" photo is strangely arresting. Just a stock photo I assume. Beautiful and antiseptic at the same time.

So glad you're feeling the positivity. May the new year bear lots of fruit for you.

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