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Gifts for Yogis

Looking for unique gifts for your favorite yoga lover? Here are 10 fun ideas at a variety of price points. Click on the photo to go to the shopping link.

Chakra Bracelet for Balance, Energy, Happiness and Harmony

The chakras are energy centers that run through our body. This bracelet is a unique gift that represents grounding, stability, energy, harmony, strength, and more. A nice mix of fashion and culture, making it a gift with purpose.

Thick Woven Mexican Blanket

An indoor/outdoor blanket, this blanket can go wherever your yoga friend goes. It can be ued as a throw blanket, a yoga blanket, a prop for yoga class, out for a picnic, camping, on the beach, or on the couch. Versatile, stylish, and strong.

Yoga Mat/Equipment Spray

Get the funk out and smell great doing it! A calming, natural spray to clean yoga mats, blocks, and other equipment.

Essential Oil Diffuser

A stylish decorative piece and functional, too! Give the gift of aromatherapy and a lovely accent to your friends’ home or yoga space.

Mindfulness Card Set

This meditative card set has 50 prompts and exercises to help your yoga lover find rest, curiosity, joy, and insight. They will look forward to reading them over and over while cultivating a sense of self-care and self-acceptance.

Yoga Tune Up Massage Balls

Sure, they could use tennis balls but why not help your friend up level their self massage game with these babies? I keep mine close by at all times whenever I need to roll out some tension. A game changer for knotted muscles.

Yoga Mat Storage Basket

Another one that wins for stylish and functional! Help them keep their mat and props all organized and stowed with this handmade rope basket. Adds a little flair to their décor and helps keep them from always asking, “Where did I leave my yoga blocks?”

Handmade Yoga Socks

No longer do they have to decide, “Do I do yoga, or do I keep my feet warm?” with these sweet handmade yoga socks.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

These are lovely. Handmade in Nepal, the bowl comes with a cushion for the bowl to sit on for the best sound vibration, as well as a duel-end striker. Help your friends find their Zen with sound.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Everybody, including your favorite yogi, needs to stay hydrated. A water bottle that they can take everywhere with them is always a great gift. Personally, I like straw lids/sports caps for easier sipping on the go and between warrior poses, so I recommend getting the matching straw lid with this one.

Which is your favorite? Do you have more yogi gift ideas to add to the list?

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