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Feeling depleted?

Give yourself an hour for this self-care practice.

I am super excited to share with you this hour of wellness and self-care on Saturday June 19 at 2:00 pm EST. If you’ve been in constant motion and getting things done with no end in sight, you may not even notice that you’re depleted. Sometimes I notice myself thinking, “I’m fine, I can keep going, I just need to go to bed a little early”. Then I don’t even do that. Making time to rejuvenate can be challenging. Give yourself an hour for this little bit of self-care to help you reset and replenish. It’s an appointment well worth the time.

It’s a free, online wellness retreat. In summary, your hour looks like this:

🧘‍♀️ We start with a 30-minute Yoga for Stress Relief with yours truly. Roll out your yoga mat and join us live on Zoom. Turn the lights down low or off and play some soft slow music of your choice in the background. Set up candles around you and set the mood to chill. Even if you are a yoga novice, it’s designed so you can follow along.

🧘‍♀️ After we’ve moved and stretched and worked out the physically tight spots, it’s time to work out the mental tight spots. We will follow along as Fawn leads us through some guided mindfulness practices to calm and soothe the mind.

I hope you will enjoy and find the benefits in this self-care for busy people. Take some time for you, take a break from the working and the doing, and invite some movement and stillness, and let’s breathe together.

I took a breath last week myself, took some space to recalibrate spending time in nature. Feeling the breeze in my face and listening to the wisdom of the trees. It was hard, for sure, for me to press pause on all the things that seem so pressing. It takes some intention and even actual effort sometimes to remember how to slow down and then allow for the suspension of activity. I know how valuable it is – and necessary – to take that time to step away from the tasks and allow space for new ideas, realizations, and methods to form. I am starting to notice better when I am filling every day beyond my own maximum and am working to prioritize the pause. Sit and be. Let go. Really let go of control and surrender to the space that will heal me. Creating a rhythm of more balance and ease.

This short wellness retreat is an offering to help you gain perspective, shake off tension and stress, and invite a more authentic YOU to step up to bat.

Reserve your spot by emailing

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