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3 Reasons You’re Struggling to Lose Weight and How to fix it

1. Drinking your calories

A typical small regular coffee shop latte is 250 calories. That’s without a lot of added stuff. That delightful Pumpkin Spice Latte is 380 calories – for a small size. Try these things instead: -skip the whip and other toppings on your latte -ask for nonfat milk or non-dairy milk -ask for ½ the syrup

2. Too many changes at once

Upending your whole life in one fell swoop is exciting for about a day. Then it becomes overwhelming quickly. It sets you up to feel like quitting before you even get started.

Try these things instead: -start small and build with each week

-don’t try to dump everything you enjoy at once -find new things you enjoy – actually enjoy, not what you think you should

3. Stress and lack of sleep

Ok, this is 2 things, but they’re totally linked. High stress often leads to lack of sleep. When you’re hangry, it can lead to mindless snacking, activates your hunger hormones, and leads to poor decision making when it’s time to eat. A hangry brain tends to grab the potato chips instead of the apple. Just 12 potato chips are typically 130 calories. When you’re tired and super hungry it’s really easy to go through 4 times that amount. Try these things for better sleep: -Stay away from caffeine after 2:00 pm -Use blue light blocking glasses if you’re using a computer, tablet or phone in the evening -try reading, listening to music, journaling or meditating before bed

If I could help you lose 20-25 pounds over 12 weeks using a completely personalized, holistic approach, would you be interested?

I'm putting a few people together over the next 12 weeks and showing them how to go from giving up on the idea of losing weight to feeling confident, healthy, and energetic again. We don't use any fad diets, or spending hours in the gym. Just healthy eating and exercise they enjoy. The majority of people doing this with me are able to look and feel their best again.

Send me a message saying "Me!" and we'll have a chat about your goals.

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