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Are you feeling tired but wired at the end of the day? Anxious, tense, and stressed? Struggling to relax and calm when faced with difficult situations or when it's time for bed? 

Imagine having more energy, thinking more clearly, and being in better shape than ever–even after having kids.

I found myself in that place of feeling anxious and wired but exhausted and foggy.  I felt weak physically and mentally - unable to do some of the things I wanted to do and mentally scattered and unclear.  I've worked my way out of that place and found ways to feel strong.  I feel stronger in my body, in my voice, my boundaries, my self-worth. Join me to find your path to strength and resilience.  Relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, and improve your mood.  Build strength, flexibility and mobility to feel strong and resilient and be the YOU that is ready to emerge.  When you are less drained, you will feel like playing with your kids more, be able to keep up with your busy life with more ease and joy, and feel more connected to yourself and your family. 


About Sara Addington

It is my passion to empower parents and kids with tools to move better and feel better.  


A long time dancer and wellness enthusiast, the tools of yoga, fitness, and nutrition have helped me feel stronger physically and mentally, and ease stress related tension and pain.  I have taught yoga and fitness to people of all ages from pre-school to seniors and everywhere in between.  I have trained in movement and healing studies throughout my life and continue to study as a lifelong student. I also have degrees in Psychology and Special Education, and I am a certified Yoga Teacher RYT500 with certification as a Kids Yoga Teacher.

Yoga and Fitness Training: 

Through movement, we can connect to ourselves and find self compassion.

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