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Food Diary Tune Up

I recently had a client tell me, “When I start eating ‘normally’ again, the weight just goes right back on!”

Many people suggest dropping weight is 80% diet.

As it has just turned September I had a thought ....

I want to help with all the confusion.

Here's what I'm offering to do:

1) You do a 2 day food diary (takes 5 mins with a camera phone - I'll explain all)

2) We grab a quick 15 min call early next week

3) We look at the biggest 3 things you could improve on which will help you drop 2lbs a week for the next 8 weeks ….

….. that's 16lbs before Thanksgiving and the holiday season begins in earnest then your life gets even more super-busy.

No charge for this, I've just seen a lot of people struggle with fad diets.

Post ‘Please’ in comments, or DM me to grab a spot.

I've got a packed week this coming week so I just have space for 5 people, so go ahead and shout right back at me.


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