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4 Ways to Improve Balance

What do you think of when you hear the word "balance"? The dictionary mentions things like "remaining upright and steady", "elements in the correct proportions", and "comparing the value of one thing to another". As a yoga teacher and certified personal trainer, I've heard clients say, "I have no balance!" My response is, "Let's work on it!"

I believe that balance in one area can compound. For example, I think finding physical balance can help us find emotional balance. And emotional balance can spread to help us find intellectual balance, and the same with spiritual balance, friendships, love, and more.

With this idea in mind, I've created this quick guide for 4 ways to improve your physical balance. May it spread across your life -

1. Increase core strength Plank Pose - strike a push up position with shoulders over wrists and body long from ankles to crown of head. Hold for 30 seconds. More core exercises here:

2. Strengthen the lower body Squats - stand with feet hip width apart, slowly lower into a squat, pushing hips back and down. Avoid allowing knees to cave in toward the midline. More for low body strength:

3. Shift your focus Focusing your attention is also important part of improving balance. While standing, focus on a fixed point that is at least 6 feet in front of you. Bring your focus and attention back to the fixed point anytime it wanes.

4. Practice for Progress Balance is use it or lose it. In addition to the exercises to improve balance, there are a number of easy ways to incorporate balance practices into your daily routine. Try this: Stand on one foot to do any common chore: brushing your teeth, washing the dishes or stirring a pot on the stove.

Building balance also means building confidence. Did you try any of these balance builders today? Which was your favorite?

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