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3 Day Clean Eating

I heard from a lot of people this week that nutrition is the most difficult thing for them to figure out for their best health and wellness. We get bombarded each day with different conflicting messages about what to eat.

Eat this, not that.

Don't eat this.

Never eat that.

Gluten is bad.

Gluten is perfectly fine.

Don't eat dairy, unless you're fine with dairy. Dairy has protein.

Don't eat sugar, then you find sugar is in everything.

Avoid fat.

But eat healthy fat.

Yet not too much fat.

Eat more protein.

You get plenty of protein.

No carbs.

Eat healthy carbs.

But what are healthy carbs?!

How do I know what to eat. And when?

It makes people want to just throw in the towel and go get a burger. Non-GMO with organic lettuce of course.

If you want to start eating healthier, cleaner, without the processed foods, but don't know where to start, I have compiled recipes for a 3 Day Clean Eating jump start. The meals and snacks are all planned out for you and feature whole foods that help to fuel your

body naturally. You'll find plenty of nutrient-packed fruits and veggies, heart-healthy fats,

satisfying lean protein and high-fiber whole grains. What you won't see: foods with added

sugar, too much salt and alcohol-all of which you'll want to limit to eat clean for the next three days.

If you'd like a copy, send me an email to and I'll email it directly to you.

Happy Eating! And enjoy the food.

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